Puffle on ClubPenguin KIDNAPPED? Never Seen Before Theory!

Hey Penguins!

Nobody else on ClubPenguin has posted this before, so I’d like to thank an awesome friend, Erik01297, for the awesome tip! Remember when the blocked Cave was slightly un-covered, and a Yellow Puffle now pops-up? We’ll, that yellow Puffle USED to be appearing at the stage!

Now he’s inside that cave, as if someone kidnapped him and put him there! Plus, he’s not the only puffle missing! Where’s the Green Puffle that’s always dancing on the speaker in the Night Club?

So unfair! I was a supposed to meet with him tonight! It was my first date! LOL, joking! I liked that little guy though! Do you think he’s stuck in that whole, too? And, there’s yet another puffle missing. Everybody’s looking for him! Can you guess who?

Yep, Rockhopper’s red puffle pet, Yarr, is missing! We already knew that, but where did all the puffles go? There are still a load of them at the Pet Shop. Do you think ClubPenguin just removed them? I have a feeling this has to do with Herbet! Missing 11 is coming in a couple of months, accoring to ClubPenguin, right? I wonder what’s in that cave right now.

What do you think? Do you think that ClubPenguin just removed them, or do you think Herbet is behind this and planning to use those puffles for his next plan, where Mission 11 will be released?


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